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2016 round up. 12/01/2017

Its been a very interesting year with the majority of my time spent on 2 TV shows which will both be broadcast internationally, the first one aired last night in the UK with the screening of the other next week, release date to be confirmed. I hope to be able to reveal more soon as the credits to the shows become public but until then its all hush hush.

Disney's The Evermoor Chronicles Season 2 21/04/2016


A few months back I worked as a VFX artist on the Emmy nominated Disney's 'The Evermoor Chronicles', this was screened internationally on the Disney Channel and I'm happy to report its back again for a second season.

You can read more about the show on Disney's official page and also at Lime Pictures

It's all about the parallax 07/07/2015

I was lucky enough to recently work with super talented team at Flipbook on this lovely little game trailer.
Click here to see the project breakdown.

Another animated gif 23/02/2015

Having recently been to see and very much enjoy Hayseed Dixie deliver their top brand of Rockgrass I started to think about how I would animate their logo. Its not a real project, just something created for fun, I took their 2D flat logo and trying to remain loyal re-worked this as a piece of 3D and outputted this as an animated gif.