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Boy Band Creche

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Project Outline:

The animations were based on an existing style developed from a previous programme by the team I was working with as Sumners in Manchester. I was to echo this style in the series of animations commissioned.
Developed from a paper script I created scenes and used these existing characters within these to build a scenario to fit with a voice-over. The script was open to interpretation but guidelines were provided by the producer as to the direction the story should flow.

Project Experience:

The animation was composited in After Effects and uses vector illustrations which were supplied by a professional illustrator. Backgrounds were created by myself along with stripping down characters to components and adding in any extra assets around these.
This was part of a series of animations produced for a broadcast programme screened on the BBC called "I'm in a Boy Band" which was a follow on from "I'm in a Rock Band"

BBC Im a pop star

Project Credits:

Role: Creative Director / Compositor / Animator

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