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Project Outline:

Working with the Easiteach brand, its logo and colours, create an animated sting in high-definition. Following this, the software interface needs to be animated to show some of the user interaction, experience and software capabilities, this needs to be cross platform, to fit a TV landscape for internet delivery and exhibition spaces play out out as High Definition video.

Project Experience:

Using after effects and some 3D the logo was first re-created and split into separate layers ready for animating. The creative direction was to portray a magical experience through the sting drawing onto screen. The user interface was recreated to fit better within a 16:9 landscape and created as pre-compositions enabling panning and rotating to control viewer focus and pace.

Launch live project

Project Credits:

My Role: Motion Graphics & Editing
Creative Direction: Chris Bowers
Creative Studio: Lightbox
Production: Lightbox

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