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Mizuno Wave Ignitus

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Project Outline:

• Visualise the non-spin effect of the ball with the Mukaiten panel
• Raise awareness of Mizuno as a technical and fashionable football brand
• Associate Mizuno with its football global ambassador, Santa Cruz

Project Experience:

The project was a complex mix of footage, stills and compositing in after effects. Manchester City FC & Paraguay International Roque Santa Cruz was first captured with stills cameras as Michael Bosanko created complex light graffiti around him. Then a series of live action boom shots captured as he demonstrated the boot in action.

From there composting and editing took place as the footage was heavily treated and graphical accents added. Japanese characters were introduced being created and animated digitally to reflect the style of Bosanko. Techniques used were various tracking, particle systems and pixel morphing resulting in a mixed media approach to present the product and ambassador to the public.

Mizuno Filmstrip

Project Credits:

My Role: Motion Graphics Designer / Editor
Creative Agency:
Light Graffiti: Michael Bosanko
Photography: Antony Crook
Music: Tim Sinclair

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