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Mardi Gras

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Project Outline:

I was commissioned to work with the creative team at Lightbox to produce eye-catching and engaging animations / intros for a languages website. The mood and theme for the work will be portrayed in the introductory animation.The work varied from key frame character animation to short editing films.

The series of short animations introduced users to MYLO, a new way to learn languages. see for more information. The animations aim to give an insight to how best use MYLO, its resources and its key functions.

Project Experience:

Having been given the illustrations, voice over and music, the task was to stitch these into an entertaining and informative animation. I decided it would be best to lipsync the character with the voice and puppet him to act out some of the actions. The main techniques for this were to lip sync with 5 different mouths and use after effects and its puppet tool along with inverse kinetics to animate the arms. Other puppet parts were the hand and even the mustache.

The final effects were 3D ribbons composited using Particular and controlled with a camera to allow the character to sit within these particles.

Other techniques were morphing for smokey particles and heavy grading adding film damage and deconstructing some of the cleanliness of the composite.

Project Credits:

Role: Compositor / Animator /Creative
Production Company: Lightbox
Script: Lightbox
Art Direction: Lightbox
Illustrations: Lightbox
Produced for Department of Education
A new way to learn languages. MYLO works for you. You can follow MYLO​ hellomylo

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