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Project Outline:

To create a short film to promote the new membership initiative for Manchester City Football Club. The film was devised to reflect the fans and players promises for the upcoming season through statements edited to reflect the fun and team spirit from being part of the club. The promo features all the MCFC First team along with manager Roberto Mancini who rounds off the film!

Project Experience:

With the script finalised, I was present for filming over the 2 days taking the opportunity to film around the action for a 'behind the scenes' film. Filmed on site at the football clubs training ground in Carrington a marquee was erected for the shoot with a small white space built. The footage was captured at High-Definition at both 25fps and 50fps to give flexibility in the edit.
Because of the restrictions of space I employed various post techniques to clean shots from rotoscoping to simple cropping and tracking of objects.

mcfc film shoot

Project Credits:

Motion Graphics Designer/ Editor / Compositor: Paul Woodward
Creative Direction: Music
Creative Agency:
Production Company: Music
Director of Photography:
Colin O'Tool
Music: "We Could Forever" - Bonobo, Published by Just Isn't Music (PRS) P Ninja Tune 2010
Location: Manchester City Football Club Training Ground, Carrington.

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