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Consumer Journey

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Project Outline:

A last minute idea for a video the brief was simple:

  • "Create a video journey of a consumer
  • Starting in his office at lunch time
  • Leaving to go out for lunch and coming across the Harvestival
  • Enjoying the event and walking back to his office, taking this Ribena back to his desk and discussing the great experience with his colleagues.

Show him at the weekend doing a grocery shop, upon arriving at the store he meets the mobile Ribena unit and enjoys another experience and in store comes across secondary displays etc and buy Ribena" He was quickly dispatched and Arnie stepped in with no notice! As you will see he delivered a great performance.

A Consumer Journey Filmstrip
Project Credits:

Role: Director / Camera / Editor
Producer: Rebecca Steele
Music: The Travelling Band
Actor: Arnie Breen

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