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Project Outline:

Another behind the scenes shoot to show the work and attention to detail the studio puts in to each photoshoot. The footage was captured by a 'roving' DSLR by one of the agency photographers.

Project Experience:

Taking the footage I made a tight edit and from there graded in after effects with some motion graphics / VFX added to help distract from the recognisable face. Made with Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects with grading in Colour and After Effects. A simple but effect piece to show the real and practical use of gathering footage shot around the still photographer on a DSLR.

It is also a great example of where editing, motion graphics and VFX cross over and to be able to off as a single product /workflow is a real bonus for the project.

Project Credits:

Motion Graphics Designer/ Editor / Compositor: Paul Woodward
Creative Director: Jen Adie
Creative Agency:
Production Company: Photolink
Paul Fawley
Location: Photolink Studios, Manchester

Filmed in High-Definition with a canon 5D MkII.

See the Teaser

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