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Memberships - behind the scenes

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Project Outline:

Create a short film to give fans an experience of the days filming with the Premiership players. The players were fun, friendly and always willing to be involved with the ideas and this was the perfect medium to capture this. Over the 2 days the entire squad was filmed playing up to the camera and delivering key words and messages.

Project Experience:

While on-site filming the membership film extra footage was captured on a second hand held camera to piece together the behind the scenes pulling in un-used footage from the 2 days shoot. There were hours of footage to work through, often captured 'on-the-fly' which adds to the feel of being there onsite with the players.

Project Credits:

Motion Graphics Designer/ Editor / Compositor: Paul Woodward
Creative Direction: Music
Creative Agency:
Production Company: Music
Location: Manchester City Football Club Training Ground, Carrington.

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