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Spring / Summer Collections

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Project Outline:

The brief was to work with the creative team at Photolink and create 2 short films to feature a new range of clothing. The footage was to be captured during and around a photoshoot and would involve some VFX work along with simple motion graphics and editing.

Each film would be made of 2 distinct different sections, the first being a walkway where the model will appear to change clothes with each foot step and the second being more of a fun overview filmed around a relaxed setting in the studio.

Project Experience:

This was an excellent project to be involved in because of the mix of techniques and the work-flow. Being onsite at the photoshoot, I was working directly with the photographer to construct a way to capture the initial footage to be composited. The files were passed 'on the fly' during the shoot to compoiste before moving onto the next clothes change.

The first section showed the models clothes changing with each step, this was achieved by compositing in After Effects, re-sizing, time-remapping and other techniques to manipulate shots to marry and stitch them for consistency. We didn't have the luxury of computer controlled rigs so used the consistency of the models walking rhythm to base the
camera move.

The second section was filmed around a larger set and edited together in Final Cut Pro. Light leaks I filmed post shoot. and added. There was some rotoscoping and superimposing in this section of the edit to add the model a second time to some of the shots.

John Lewis Film Shoot

Project Credits:

Motion Graphics Designer/ Editor / Compositor: Paul Woodward
Creative Director: Jen Adie
Creative Agency:
Production Company: Photolink
Paul Fawley
Stylists: Rachel Snowden and Jordanna McSpirt
Make-up: Martin McClean
Location: Photolink Studios, Manchester

Filmed at HD with a canon 5D MkII.

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