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School Of Sound Recording

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Project Outline:

The School of Sound Recording (SSR) in Manchester offers a wide range of facilities, training  and courses in sound and vision. They were in need a short promo to play to prospective students to illustrate this huge variety. The film would need to be presented across multiple platforms from HD TV to the internet and laptop presentations onsite.

The difficulty in this project was the multi location and timing of some of the events, from tours of Granada Studios on the set of Coronation street, to back stage visits to concerts at the MEN Arena. The footage came in mixed format from HD to SD and even stills photography so I needed to create a style to accomodate this along with the bullet points SSR wanted to be presented onscreen.

The graphics show sound waves which are driven by audio key frames within after effects and various particle emitters which sat within the context of the edited footage. The stills were treated with 3D effects and text also within the after effects environment to add movment and animation.

Project Credits:

My Role: Motion Graphics Designer / Editor / (Some) Camera Work
Production: Bill Devon / Ian Hu
Audio Production: School Of Sound Recording, Manchester

Motion Graphics SSR

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