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PSP 3000 Resistance

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Project Outline:

Carrying on with the theme of "Whole World In Your Hands", the next installment of adverts saw the introduction of 3D characters.

This time I was working to recreate stills posters in the composition and introduce animation. Composited in After Effects the edits include various particle systems and 3D elements resulting in quite a striking mix of 2D and 3D. A second advert was also created at the time called Buzz...

Click here to see the original edit "Whole World In Your Hands"

Since March 2009 the advert is being broadcast across Europe and Australia.

Resistance Filmstrip

Project Credits:

My Role: Motion Graphics Designer
Creative Agency:
LOVE Creative, Manchester
Media Agency: TBWA
Production Company: The Neighbourhood, Manchester
Director: Jon Humphreys
Editor Post-Production: The Neighbourhood
Audio Post Production: Wevie.TV

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