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I Give My All

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Project Outline:

To promote the clash between Craig Bellamy's old club Liverpool and Manchester City a short HD viral campaign was launched. "The I Give My All" short will be screened In Manchester city centre along with other selected outdoor screens and various webpages including "". This was the third part in the line of the "Big Four" ad campaigns, which focuses on iconic club players who cross the boundaries between football on the pitch and culture on the terraces.

The film climaxes with dozens of stills and freeze frames of the action.

Manchester City's website reports 'The production of the viral ad, focusing on a single player is a first for any football club in the Premier League. City’s Head of Marketing Chris Kay explained the thinking behind the campaign. “We are the heart of the City and our players and fans are the heart of this football club” he declared.' (source

I Give My All Filmstrip

Project Experience:

Filmed on a high-speed digital camera around 1000 frames per second in high-definition, the footage was further manipulated and time-remapped within After Effects and Final Cut Pro to bring together hand-drawn elements and analogue disruptions.

Project Credits:

My Role: Motion Graphics Designer / Editor
Creative Direction:
Creative Agency:
Director Of Photography:
Antony Crook

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