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Odd Fellows

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Project Outline:

To mark the 101st birthday of Alrewas Village Hall in August 2012, an art which involved recruiting 101 local volunteers who were all photographed. This image was reproduced and pasted on to the front of this historic hall. The finale of the even was an interactive sound and light performance.

Project Experience:

I was asked to produce several idents for the interactive show, these idents were an open brief but needed to be a treatment of the 101 odd fellow logo and loop back to the beginning.
I took a simple treatment of the logo in after effects and from there deconstructed it in to a series of idents.
Ident 1 Here I separated the logo into potentially hundreds of layers and textures which overlap and are displaced in time by expressions in after effects, these displacements end with an explosion into bold shapes before looping back.

Add a slider to that layer with the amount of delay.
Ident 2 This took the logo more as a sculpture to encourage a connection with the architectural nature of the project and from there allowed them to dance and interact while separating the RGB value to connect with the interactive light and sound of the finale.
Ident 3 I think of this as a road map, the interaction of the people, the crossing and passing of people all assembling in this one place to create the logo.
Ident 4 This one is based around the sound of the performance. Although the idents were silent I still wanted to acknowledge the sound along with the light performance. Here the visuals represent speakers, drivers, sound waves all exploding and bouncing on screen before like a recognisable melody it builds up to show the logo.

Project Credits:

Role: Motion Graphics Designer / Animator
Production Company: Big Art People
For more information on 101 Odd Fellows: Visit site

After Effects Expressions bit

...if you really want to know.

This is the expression I used to displace time in ident 1 and 4, all you need to do is add a slider to that layer with the amount of delay.

target = effect("Layer Control")("Layer").position; //change this value to select which layer it will follow
seedRan dom(index, true); //random value yup!
delay = random(effect("Slider Control")("Slider")); //the slider allows adjustment on the fly
delta = target.valueAtTime(time - delay) - target.valueAtTime(0);
value + delta

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