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Energy Bonds

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Project Outline:

Explainer videos are very popular and useful when executed and containing the right information and this one was a joy to work on. The strong visual style and key point illustrations gave me the perfect place to build the animation. The client (Loaf Creative) suppled illustrations which reflected certain stages of the film and outcomes of information. I was commissioned as a motion graphics designer and animator to bring these to life and find ways to tie these together and engage the audience creating fluid transitions.

Project Experience:

The animation was composited in After Effects and exploits shape layers, vector illustrations as well as some 3D and particle emitters. Some scripting and expressions were used to create subtle interactions such as repelling shapes and attractions etc.

Pace was dictated by the voice over which was supplied by the client and editing and mixed into the piece by me.

Bonds Explainer Filmstrip

Project Credits:

Role: Compositor / Animator / Motion Graphics Designer
Production Company: Loaf Creative
Script: Loaf Creative
Art Direction: Loaf Creative
Illustrations: Loaf Creative

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