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The Lakes (Time-lapse)

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Project Outline:

My first attempt at time-lapse. This is a personal research project exploring how best to capture and manipulate time-lapse photography.

Location was the lake district in England in March so plenty of snow dotted around, but quite unpredictable conditions with some pretty fierce winds, changing colours/temperatures and lighting. Some of the locations included, Buttermere, Coniston, Ullswater, Keswick, Castle Rigg, Ennerdale and more, but not all shots made this edit!

Project Experience:

Filmed with a DSLR Canon 60D and multiple lenses over 4 days in multiple locations. The basic technique employed was to shoot 1 frame every 5 seconds for around 20-30 minutes, this was captured at over 5k resolution to provide flexibility in the edit.

Edited in Final Cut Pro, the graphics were added in After effects along with some tracking, and colour correction. The graphical overlays represent the topography of hills and some of the hikes.

Project Credits:

Role: Director / Camera / Editing and Motion Graphics.

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