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Project Outline:

Promo for Mexican-Canadian artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer's exhibition "Recorders" at the Manchester Art Gallery. Recorders is an electronic exhibition using technology to create playful yet ominous experiences and the promo needed to reflect this.

The promo was designed around Wonders Associates existing artwork and used the a continuous journey to take the viewer around and through the exhibit. All motion graphics was composited in After Effects setting up 3D scenes and 2D environments based on the artists work.

The promo was produced in high-definition for use on HD TV and exterior marketing screens but primarily for use on Manchester Art Galleries website. You can visit the galleries website and read more about the exhibit here: Manchester Art Gallery

Recorders Exhibition Filmstrip

Project Credits:

My Role: Paul Woodward - Motion Graphics Designer / Editor
Creative Team:
Manchester Art Gallery
Creative Agency:
Wonder Associates
Sound Design:
Zelig Sound & Composition