Name: Paul Woodward MA, BA (hons)
Location: Manchester UK
Software: After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Premier, Photoshop, Illustrator blah blah...

In short, after graduation I began work as a motion graphics designer for an independent TV production company where I was schooled in the art of camera, editing, and direction.

As freelancer I'm a visual and conceptual thinker, producing expressive and purposeful content for a variety of platforms such as online, digital media, broadcast, entertainment and advertising. I relish a challenge as it only sharpens my creative output. I can design and execute an entire project or you can pick and choose the facilities you require working remotely or on site. I'm always looking to collaborate with fellow creatives, building relationships and inspiring.

I love concepts, ideas and the stories behind the work!

Web folio:

This site is my online portfolio and web presence as a motion graphics designer, animator and editor. As a freelancer I work with many top clients and commissioners all of these can be referenced by contacting me.

The site provides direct links to projects with brief project summaries, for further information on projects or any general comments and questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

This site architecture has been developed by fellow freelancer and super talented Paul Wright at, click here for a summary of technologies used. 

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