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Grand National

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Project Outline:

The TV commercial was part of a full campaign by Loaf Creative including press and, radio and print. The TVC was created for broadcast on Channel 4 but also regionally on ITV and across digital platforms such as 4OD and Youtube.

Project Experience:

I was brought in to help shape the rushes and build the commercial around a creative idea. As with many shoots you always need some flexibility in the idea to allow for weather, animals and such. Working closely with Loaf allowed some great creative input and refining of the idea before final editing and VFX creating extended sequences and sky replacements along with painting out the odd artefact. 

I needed to jump between various packages to whip this into shape mixing a couple of different frame rates and formats to marry them along with several different lighting situations. Its these little touches that make an exciting project, no matter how subtle.

Project Credits:

Role: Editing / VFX / Graphics / Grading
Production Company: Loaf Creative
Script: Loaf Creative
Art Direction: Loaf Creative
Illustrations: Loaf Creative
Narration: Christopher Timothy