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Learning to learn

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Project Outline:

A series of short animations to introduce users to MYLO. Mylo is a new way to learn languages. see for more information. The animations aim to give an insight to how best use MYLO, its resources and its key functions.

Project Experience:

The project is build with 2D assets within after effects, 3D layering is used to create the the world with cameras and lights added to bring a sense of depth. Each one had a script with a certain activity to be highlighted, this involved various techniques within After Effects to give a sense of reality to the world.

Project Credits:

Role: Compositor / Animator /Creative
Production Company: Lightbox
Script: Lightbox
Art Direction: Lightbox
Illustrations: Lightbox
Produced for Department of Education
A new way to learn languages. MYLO works for you. You can follow MYLO​ hellomylo