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The Oil & Gas Industry...

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Project Outline:

AIrEnergi asked me to produce a short animation to which can played to both industry professionals and also presentations and websites. The aim was to create a charming and engaging piece which would allow some of the illustrations to work as stand alone flat artwork.
Before any of the production could start the script was revised in pre-poduction during the story-boarding stage ironing out the technical aspects and allowing references for the illustrations to be sourced.

Project Experience:

I worked very closely with AirEnergi in the pre-production stages exploring the styles and techniques available for the idea and achievable with budget. From there I was able to create a storyboard ready to supply to the illustrator and him produce the illustrations.These were supplied as Photoshop documents with a layer of outlines and several layers of coloured inks.

This technique required filming the hands drawing on the illustrations separately; so some rotoscoping and keying was needed to composite the hands into the shot and allow flexibility and variety in the compositing.

All shots were filmed in real time and time-remapped in after effects to control the drawing and colouring of the characters and locations.

Project Credits:

Paul Woodward: Compositor / Animator / Creative Direction
Camera: Paul Woodward
Production Company: AirEnergi
Script: AirEnergi
Art Direction / Producer: Ben Quinton
Illustrations: Andrew Wong