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RM at Home

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Project Outline:

The brief was to create a short animated sting to play at the beginning of introductory films, presentations and other related media. The project would use existing assets from the website and require a process of connecting these in a fluid and engaging way.

Project Experience:

Most of the assets were web optimised and required re-creating as vectors for scalability. There were also several particle emitters designed to trigger as an arrow passes in After Effects. Although set in some 3D space this was primarily a 2D design and designed to flow and work closely with the chosen music.
This was an interest brief as close storyboarding wasn't necessary but exploration around colours, pace, particles and motion were used to present a working solution.

Project Credits:

Role: Compositor / Animator
Production Company: RM
Script: RM
Art Direction: RM
Illustrations: RM
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